How Do Bail Bonds Work?

A very common, and sometimes extremely frustrating question you may be wondering after an arrest is, “How do bail bonds work”?  For someone facing a first time arrest, the question of how bail bonds work can be a bit confusing.  We have the answers during this stressful time.

Knowing about bail bonds, and how bail bonds work, is not an everyday, nor anticipated question.  In the United States, the court system uses bail to guarantee that a person accused of a crime will show up for all of his or her future dates, thereby allowing freedom for individuals to get back to their normal life while awaiting final disposition of their case.

Bail amounts are set annually by the judges in each county. The determination takes into account the seriousness of the crime and the flight risk probability.  The Bail Schedule is provided to all police and sheriff departments to be used as a guideline for setting bail on an inmate. Examples of each county’s Bail Schedule are provided on the County Courts’ websites.  An example can be found at Other considerations, such as criminal history, prior prison terms, etc., can also factor into the amount of bail.

The bail may seem like an enormous amount of money, but you aren’t necessarily expected to come up with tens of thousands of dollars in cash.  This is where bail bondsmen and surety bail bonds come in. A surety bail bond is a guarantee that an accused person will make all of their required court appearances until the case is over.  Should the person fail to appear at a court date, the bail bond company is obligated to pay the court the full amount of the bond. When you call a bail bond company, they agree to post this surety bail bond on your behalf.  In turn, as guarantor of the bond, you are responsible for full payment to the Bail Agent if the defendant fails to appear.

The fees for bonds are filed with the Department of Insurance, and, for the most part, are 10% of the face amount of the bail.  A few years ago, the California Department of Insurance made a decision to allow bail agents flexibility in pricing.  Because of this and because of the notably high bail schedules in California, Arrow Bail Bonds has been able to offer reduced pricing on most bail bonds.  We also offer down-payment plans, with easy monthly payment options.

Though it may seem hard to get a straight answer when you are wondering, “how do bail bonds work?” and may be racked with stress an anxiety over an arrest, Arrow Bail Bonds is here to give you straight, honest answers.